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DKSH Technology will be featuring Lauda products this year in LabAsia 2019! Come find us at Booth 4AB09 to meet our specialists and check out our demo units featured.

From Automotive to R&D: You´ll find Lauda constant temperature equipment everywhere. For over 60 years Lauda, with its headquarters in Germany and multiple locations worldwide, has built a reputation for producing high quality temperature control equipment for almost every need. Lauda meets heating and cooling requirements across multiple segments such as automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, life sciences, food & beverage and beyond.

Lauda temperature equipment is a reliable partner for applications such as reactor temperature control, process engineering or sample preparation. Constant temperature equipment like the Lauda PRO cooling circulation thermostats offer a cooling capacity of 1.5 kW and temperatures down to -90°C.

Lauda experts will work closely with their customers to meet their individual needs and offer customised solutions for their application. The German family-owned company prides itself on having the necessary expertise to assist the customer in all applications.

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Source : DKSH Technology Sdn Bhd

Multi-point viscosity measurement at your fingertip: The new rotational viscometer ViscoQC 300 by Anton Paar

Only half a year after the launch of the entry-level rotational viscometer ViscoQC 100, Anton Paar releases the next rotational viscometer, ViscoQC 300: a true all-rounder in multi-point viscosity determination and analysis.

The only touch-screen viscometer ready for immediate start-up right out of the box
Measurements with ViscoQC 300 can be started right away as the instrument is already assembled when delivered. After the instrument is switched on, an intuitive digital leveling function ensures that ViscoQC 300 is always properly aligned, even before, during, and after measurements. Depending on the instrument model (L, R, or H), 4 L or 6 RH spindles are included in the standard delivery. Each spindle is equipped with magnetic coupling to guarantee easy one-handed exchange which makes damage to spindle threads and the instruments’ bearings a thing of the past. Automatic spindle detection by Toolmaster™ prevents manual spindle selection errors, while a built-in automatic guard detection even documents whether a spindle guard is attached or not.

Designed to achieve outstanding results in viscosity determination
Developed for a wide range of applications, ViscoQC 300 ensures the quality of your measured substance – from almost any fluid to semi-solid samples – by delivering fully traceable viscosity results right at your fingertip. Predefined modes/methods on the intuitive 7” color touch screen make operation even more convenient. Time can be saved during measurements as ViscoQC is equipped with the unique TruMode™ and automatically searches a speed to measure an unknown sample.

Convenient management of sample data and results
The internal data storage of ViscoQC 300 is capable of storing up to 999 measurement results. Export directly from the instruments’ data memory as pdf/csv to a USB storage device or via data collection software V-Collect to a PC is possible. Furthermore, measured data can be printed with a page printer (USB or Network) or a USB label printer. Automatic printout directly after measurement is also possible. Further improve your process with the optional sample bar code scanner and data processing via LIMS Bridge software.

Future-proof digital viscometer due to upgradable software packages
Starting from a multi-point viscosity measurement for your actual purpose, ViscoQC 300 is upgradeable with compliance (21 CFR Part 11) and/or additional analysis software to meet all future needs. The compliance software V-Comply adds software features such as audit trail, electronic signature, increased security functions, and more. Each V-Comply delivery includes Anton Paar’s Pharma Qualification Package (PQP) to facilitate the instrument qualification process, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Both, software and documentation fulfill regulations of 21 CFR Part 11. The additional analysis software V-Curve adds graph, analysis, programmability features, and a yield stress method to your stand-alone ViscoQC 300.

Innovation and quality – this is what ViscoQC stands for.
For more information, see: or contact Anton Paar Malaysia Sdn Bhd via e-mail [email protected] or +603-76697888.

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“The ScanStation is a real-time incubator and colony counting station designed for the pharmaceutical, the agro-food, the cosmetic industries and research. It is the world’s first product centralizing incubation, detection and colony counting of 100, 200 or 300 Petri dishes simultaneously.
In classical Pasteurian microbiology, the Petri dish must be placed in an incubator for 24h and up to 5 days. Then a time-consuming reading operation is performed to count colonies. The operator may notice the presence of invasive or confluent colonies mixed with air bubbles, debris, writings… increasing the margin of error on the final result. The ScanStation provides results as soon as the 6 hours after the beginning of the incubation which is up to 3 times sooner, faster and with inequalled accuracy.”

Source : Interscience

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An ISO 9001 & 18001 company. A company built on passion and people. We are committed to delivering a leading customer experience.

We are an engineering and construction solution provider for technology companies. We offer full spectrum support to industrial, commercial and governmental clients across multiple markets; specialising in scientific construction. We are also an established manufacturer.

We manufacture laboratory infrastructure equipment and install ; ASHRAE 110-95 & EN14175 tested and certified Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow Cabinets, Biological Safety Cabinets, NFPA30 tested Safety Storage Cabinets, AdvancelabPro® Steel Casework, Gas Distribution Systems, Plastic Fabrication services, Stainless Steel fabrication, Exhaust Ducting in PVC, PPS, SS304 and SS316

Our fundamental business strategy is developing long term relationships with clients and providing a complete turnkey solution.

Source : Advancelab Sdn Bhd

Transform your laboratory

Running more than one experiment at a time.

Doing simultaneous calibrations and sample measurements.

Performing thermal analysis at faster temperature ramp rates.

The new Agilent Cary 3500 UV-Vis makes it all possible.

Designed from the ground up, this innovative system will streamline your experimental design and amplify confidence in your results.

Measure samples at four temperatures, simultaneously

Perform four experiments in one

The Cary 3500 Multizone UV-Vis has no moving parts and allows up to temperature zones to be configured. What’s more, each pair of cuvettes can be held at a different temperature – so you can do four experiments at once.

Temperature ramping, transformed

Confidence at any temperature ramp rate

Ramp at up 30 ⁰C/min and improve accuracy and reproducibility.

 Measure calibration standards and samples, simultaneously

Create a standard curve and measure samples in less than 1 second

Measure your standards and sample concentrations at the same time, and under the same conditions-amplifying confidence in your results.

Find out more today!

Source : Agilent Technologies


The polyvalent handheld device

AQUALABO is specialized in the design and manufacture of innovative technological solutions dedicated to water quality control. Aqualabo’s aim is to meet every demand from the simplest to the most elaborate. To do this, they have an engineering department that develops the water analysis laboratories, as well as the water control facilities. Based on their products and a few additions, they can rise to the challenge of the user requirements.

ODEON is the range of handheld numerical devices dedicated to water quality control on the field or in the laboratory. Real combination of ruggedness and digital intelligence, ODEON offers reliability and flexibility never reached before.

With digital sensors DIGISENS, it can measure up to 7 physicochemical parameters (pH, ORP, Temperature, Oxygen, Conductivity, Salinity, Turbidity).

ODEON is available in version OPEN ONE with 1 sensor input or version OPEN X with 2 sensor inputs.


• Large graphical display 4 ‘backlit
• Exceptional Memory Capacity: 8 MB, up to 100,000 measurement records
• Ergonomic device, shock resistant and waterproof: IP67
• Automatic recognition and self-diagnostic probes «Plug and Play»
• Optical Sensors (Oxygen, Turbidity) and electrochemical (pH, ORP,  temperature, conductivity)

Source : CSQ Analytics Sdn Bhd

Automatic cell washing system – ROTOLAVIT II

Rotolavit II – Automatic Cell Washing System for serological testing

Cat. No.: 1008-00

The ROTOLAVIT II cell washing system facilitates routine tasks in transfusion centre laboratories. It was developed for crossmatching, as well as antibody search and differentiation, and for cell washing in TB tests. By automating the routine processes, not only does it reduce the amount of manual work required, but also ensure repeatability by reducing human error. The centrifuge has a small footprint and delivers  reliable results at low costs for consumables.

Although made for cell washing in blood centers, hospitals for serologic evaluation, the ROTOLAVIT II is flexible enough to be used for cell washing procedures in oncologic or immunologic labs. Apart from spinning tubes like a standard centrifuge, it can also be used for making cell suspensions. The end user can combine the settings in a very flexible manner.

The ROTOLAVIT II can spin up to 24 tubes in one spin, with maximum Revolution per minute (RPM) of 3500 or 1438 relative centrifugal force (RCF). It only requires little effort to clean and maintain the equipment, with the whole rotor easily removed without the use of tools.

The new and improved feature of Rotolavit II is the operations and control. Rotolavit II can save up to 20 different programs for easy switching between frequently used programs. Programming the centrifuge is made easier with the coloured touch screen display. The screen can display more information and programs can be set by just pressing a few keys. The users can set the saline volume, agitation parameters, decanting
speed and many other parameters to suit their individual requirements. In a glance, the user can also get useful information such as the sequence and cycle number the equipment is currently on. 

Overall, the ROTOLAVIT II is a simple and user-friendly centrifuge with great customizability. The touch screen display allows users to easily set parameters to their requirements. The ROTOLAVIT II is suitable for many facilities including but not limited to Hospitals, Hematological labs, Blood centers and Clinical labs.

Source : Lesoshoppe Sdn Bhd

Multiwave 7000 – Microwave digestion at its best

The new Multiwave 7000 microwave digestion system combines the well-known concept of Anton Paar’s HPA-S with modern microwave technology, representing the best way of acid digestion. Multiwave 7000 stands for complete digestions, a streamlined workflow, lightweight accessories, budget-friendly easy-to-handle vials, budget-friendly upgrades, ready-to-use methods and automated cleaning procedures.

The core feature of Multiwave 7000, the PDC (Pressurized Digestion Cavity), allows acid digestion at temperatures up to 300 °C and pressures up to 199 bar. This ensures complete digestions of all kinds of samples such as food, environmental, polymer, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, geological, chemical, and petrochemical samples – even in the same run. The vials with plug-on caps are available made of glass (disposable), quartz, or PTFE-TFM and provide tool-free, even screw-free, handling. Lightweight and budget-friendly PTFE-TFM racks and vials save running costs and reduce the maximum weight which needs to be carried to less than 1 kg for up to 24 samples.

Temperature and pressure sensors for reaction control are already integrated in the PDC so no optional sensors need to be handled. Implemented ready-to-use methods and Anton Paar’s customer-specific application support replace time-consuming method development. Disposable vials and automated cleaning procedures further minimize the laboratory work. Racks with up to 24 positions combined with 2000 W power and integrated water cooling minimize the heating and cooling times and maximize the sample throughput.

Always connected

With Multiwave 7000 you are always connected, if required. Multiwave 7000 automatically sends notifications of completed runs and events via email and gives an audio signal and a visual signal via Smart Light to inform you of the instrument status. Multiwave 7000 can be remotely controlled via VNC from a computer, notebook, or mobile phone.

Unrivalled service network

As well as providing a new level of versatility in acid digestion, Multiwave 7000 represents the highest support and service quality, guaranteed via 29 subsidiaries and 60 distribution partners worldwide.

For more information, see: or contact Anton Paar Malaysia Sdn Bhd via e-mail [email protected] or +603-76697888.

Source : Anton Paar Malaysia Sdn Bhd


Visit Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group stand 4BB08

Products on display this year includes the new Flexicon PF7, which is the latest addition to Flexicon’s flexible, reliable and versatile range of peristaltic filling machines. Flexicon products are the preferred choice for the biotechnology and diagnostic industries as well as for R & D purpose.

The PF7 has been developed for the filling of high-value sensitive fluids in GMP production and cleanroom environments.

  • Precision filling from as low as 0.2 ml
  • Repeatable filling accuracies of better than ± 0.5% to prevent costly over filling
  • No foaming, splashing or dripping between fills
  • User-programmable ‘recipes’ where users can define filling recipe parameters
  • Connects to a range of balances and printers for error-free calibration and batch reporting to help compliance to GMP and regulatory demands
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces with no entrapment areas, and an ergonomic design for operation on the bench or in isolators and LAF units
  • Clear and intuitive colour display with large keypad for easy use when gowned up in cleanroom environments
  • 5-year warranty

Faster fluid path changeover

Changing the fluid path can be achieved in less than a minute. The closed fluid path removes any risk of cross contamination, making the PF7 ideal for aseptic filling.

Designed for single-use fluid paths

Optimised for filling accuracy with Accusil tubing, the PF7 is designed to work with single-use fluid paths such as asepticsu.

Reliable and secure

The PF7 comes with a five year warranty. IQ/OQ documentation available on request to assist with process validation.

Simple, powerful user interface

Large keys and a clear, colour display aids operation while working in gloves or behind glass within a RABS or LAF unit. The PF7 comes programmed with recommended filling parameters based on Flexicon’s 30-years of experience. Users can also set custom filling parameters of their own for optimum accuracy.

Source : Watson-Marlow Sdn Bhd