Transform your laboratory

Running more than one experiment at a time.

Doing simultaneous calibrations and sample measurements.

Performing thermal analysis at faster temperature ramp rates.

The new Agilent Cary 3500 UV-Vis makes it all possible.

Designed from the ground up, this innovative system will streamline your experimental design and amplify confidence in your results.

Measure samples at four temperatures, simultaneously

Perform four experiments in one

The Cary 3500 Multizone UV-Vis has no moving parts and allows up to temperature zones to be configured. What’s more, each pair of cuvettes can be held at a different temperature – so you can do four experiments at once.

Temperature ramping, transformed

Confidence at any temperature ramp rate

Ramp at up 30 ⁰C/min and improve accuracy and reproducibility.

 Measure calibration standards and samples, simultaneously

Create a standard curve and measure samples in less than 1 second

Measure your standards and sample concentrations at the same time, and under the same conditions-amplifying confidence in your results.

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Source : Agilent Technologies