Visit Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group stand 4BB08

Products on display this year includes the new Flexicon PF7, which is the latest addition to Flexicon’s flexible, reliable and versatile range of peristaltic filling machines. Flexicon products are the preferred choice for the biotechnology and diagnostic industries as well as for R & D purpose.

The PF7 has been developed for the filling of high-value sensitive fluids in GMP production and cleanroom environments.

  • Precision filling from as low as 0.2 ml
  • Repeatable filling accuracies of better than ± 0.5% to prevent costly over filling
  • No foaming, splashing or dripping between fills
  • User-programmable ‘recipes’ where users can define filling recipe parameters
  • Connects to a range of balances and printers for error-free calibration and batch reporting to help compliance to GMP and regulatory demands
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces with no entrapment areas, and an ergonomic design for operation on the bench or in isolators and LAF units
  • Clear and intuitive colour display with large keypad for easy use when gowned up in cleanroom environments
  • 5-year warranty

Faster fluid path changeover

Changing the fluid path can be achieved in less than a minute. The closed fluid path removes any risk of cross contamination, making the PF7 ideal for aseptic filling.

Designed for single-use fluid paths

Optimised for filling accuracy with Accusil tubing, the PF7 is designed to work with single-use fluid paths such as asepticsu.

Reliable and secure

The PF7 comes with a five year warranty. IQ/OQ documentation available on request to assist with process validation.

Simple, powerful user interface

Large keys and a clear, colour display aids operation while working in gloves or behind glass within a RABS or LAF unit. The PF7 comes programmed with recommended filling parameters based on Flexicon’s 30-years of experience. Users can also set custom filling parameters of their own for optimum accuracy.

Source : Watson-Marlow Sdn Bhd