Extensive Marketing Program

An extensive visitor publicity and promotion program has been planned to ensure that we bring you the right buyers. Our program includes:

Advertising Campaigns
In domestic and international trade publications plus business pages.
Direct mailing from the organizer
According to the visitors’ survey , the directly-mailed invitation flyers were the biggest motivation for visitors. At least two waves of direct mailing will be mass-mailed to prospective buyers, professionals and individuals related to the industry.
Industry Associations Network
The event will also be promoted through industry associations to their member companies and individuals.
Invitation From Exhibitors
The exhibitors are able to order unlimited number of flyers for distribution to their own customers and prospective buyers.
Comprehensive information will be promoted via website and e-update to enable visitors to plan their visit to the event easily.
Public Relations / Press Conference
In the weeks preceding the event, press conference will be organised to ensure the event receives maximum publicity.
Telemarketing, Fax Marketing & Email Broadcasting
Will be conducted to generate interest and buyers attendance.