Complete Microbiology Solution from Medigene

Medigene offers complete microbiology solutions to support each stage in microbiology testing and research. These products are:

Sample collection
-          Transport Swabs
-          Specimen Containers
-          Air Ideal (Air Monitoring)
-          Sampl’ Air (Air Monitoring)
-          Quantiswab
-          Blood Collection Tube
Sample preparation
-       Dilumat Automated Sample Diluter
-       Smasher
-       Easy Mix
Culture media preparation
-          Masterclave Media Preparator
-          APS One Automated Culture Filling System
-          XY500 Automated Culture Filling System
-          PMi High Precision Peristaltic Dispenser
Culture media
-          Prepared Culture Media
-          Dehydrated Culture Media
-          Chromogenic Culture Media
-          Bioball QC Reference
Microscopic Screening & Inoculation
-          Color Gram 2 (Gram Stain)
-          Oxidase – Catalase
-          Previ Color Gram Automated Gram Staining System
-          WASP Walk Away Specimen Processor
Enumeration, Incubation & Temperature Monitoring
-          ChemScan RDI Solid-Phase Cytometer
-          D-count Flow Cytometry Analyzers
-          Bactiflow Rapid Microbiology Analyzers
-          BacT/Alert 3D Blood Culture System
-          BacT/Alert Virtuo Blood Culture System
-          Labguard 3D Environment Monitoring System
Identification & Antibiotics susceptibility testing
-          BioFire (Multiplex PCR Detection System)
-          Slidex (Rapid Bacterial Identification Reagent)
-          VIDAS immunoassay system
-          GENE-UP real-time PCR pathogen detection
-          RAL Stainer (Tuberculosis Staining)
-          Nuclisens (Nucleic Acid Extraction System)
-          VIKIA (Rapid Testing Kit)
-          EC2 colony counter
-          Etest (Antibiotics Strip)
-          VITEK 2 system (Microbial Identification)
-          VITEK MS system (Microbial Identification)
-          API strips (Microbial Identification)
-          Diversilab (DNA Fingerprinting)
-          Argene (Real-time PCR and Immunology)


Medigene is a biotech company specializes in distributing and marketing Lab Chemical, Laboratory & Diagnostic Equipment and services to support basic research as well as application for laboratories in Malaysia. Since establishment, we have been supplying Laboratory & Diagnostic Equipment and Lab Chemical to various industries which include universities, colleges, research institutes, hospitals, diagnostics laboratories, biotech companies and private sectors. With years of experience in laboratory instrumentation, we are now one of the leading Lab Instrument and Lab Chemical Suppliers in Malaysia.

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